Project Description

Featured with a low trajectory and large droplet spray pattern, all our Mini Sprinkler products are designed to perform effectively. The product is best suitable for farmers looking for a sophisticated Mini Sprinkler system for landscaped areas, propagation, garden beds irrigation, etc. More than that, the product, Mini Sprinkler comes with press-fit and anti-drip device.

Our Mini Sprinkler is technologically advanced and engineered to sustain heavy pressure and perform smartly. The head of the Sprinkler is divided into two parts and both are adjoined to a small plastic rod which enables the Sprinkler to oscillate and properly water the crops.

Features and Specifications

  • 1/2″ Male threaded inlet connection
  • 360° spray pattern
  • Comes with optional sand protection
  • Uniform water distribution
  • Use in UV stabilizer
  • Low operating pressure
  • Stainless steel retraction spring maintains uniform rotation speed.


Use in Potato, onion, groundnut, cabbage, Pulses, Tea, Strawberry etc.

Performance Data

Nozzal (mm)Pressure (kg/cm2)Diameter(mtr)Discharge(ltr/min)